ABOUT Connect121

product Connect-121 is a sophisticated debt collection management software system that is at the heart of Cost Efficiency, Decision Analytics, Compliance, Collections and Recoveries productivity.

The deployment of debt management software tools into the Collections and Recoveries operation can help an organisation establish a centralised, efficient and a consistent operation.

A robust collections workflow management system that streamlines and automates the collections work stream process, Connect-121 enables clients to execute strategies that maximize collection efficiency, resource performance and process compliance, while minimizing overhead and outsourcing costs.

Connect 121 helps business:
• Develop portfolio management capability
• Develop world class reporting capability (portfolio, delinquency and operational efficiency)
• Automate collections workflow and increase compliance
• Increase collections intensity on hardcore debt using strategy manager
• Maximize resource productivity and effectiveness using call centre campaign manager functionality
• Develop debt outsourcing and agent management capability
• Develop comprehensive reporting and bureau management functionality

Core Modules


Connect-121 Functionality and Benefits

Module Description Benefit
Automated Collections Workflow Allows a financial institution to have a strict control of its collections process and policy. Module has the capability to automate the follow-ups, diarise, exception handling, skill set referrals etc.
  • Process and policy compliance
  • Process efficiency
  • Better Customer experience
Collections Strategy Manager Module has the capability to conduct risk based collections by incorporating strategies based on individual customer behaviour
  • Better customer experience
  • Collections cost efficiency
  • Reserving benefits
Call Centre Campaign Manager Campaign Manager has the ability to create collections campaigns based on urgency and utilise collectors based on their experience and skillset
  • Collections productivity
  • Portfolio health
  • Real-time Reporting
Enhanced Reporting Allows the financial institution to obtain collections and portfolio reporting.
  • Portfolio reporting
  • Collections performance reporting
  • Individual Customer Behaviour Reporting
Customer CRM Has the ability to keep customer contact information up-to-date
  • Better Customer Experience
  • Increased Customer Compliance
Automated Outbound Communication This module has the ability to automate all standard outbound collection letters, SMS and other customer reminders
  • Cost Savings and increased productivity
  • Better Customer experience
Agency Manager Agency management module is capable of allowing the financial institution to outsource its collections function , whilst maintaining a strong grip of its policy and procedures
  • Process and policy compliance
  • Cost efficiency
  • Reserving benefits
Lead Generator Connect-121 has the ability to segment costumers based on their payment behaviour and recommend for upsell or X sell
  • Better Customer experience
  • Business development
Credit Bureau Management Connect 121 has the ability to manage all credit bureau reporting requirements as well as capability to interact with bureau at a customer level.
  • Process and policy compliance
  • Complaints management
  • Customer alerts
  • Cost efficiency

Is it costly to implement the system?

Connect-121 is designed to operate as a independent system within the institutions firewall.
All it needs is daily delinquency report and customer contact information inputs through manual feeds or automated uploads.
It can be customised easily to meet each institutions strategies and requirements.

How does Connect 121 work?